Smarter Systems Safer Patients

August 1, 2018

With regard to coordinated care, poor communication comes at great clinical, operational, and financial cost to a hospital such as yours.

In fact, poor communication is often regarded as the root cause of most medical errors. The Joint Commission has recognized this pressing issue and recently placed the improvement of hospital staff communication among the top priorities in its 2017 National Patient Safety Goals publication.1

“Errors… are costly in terms of loss of trust in the healthcare system by patients and diminished satisfaction by both patients and health professionals.” 1

In response to this dilemma, PatientSafe has developed Smarter Systems, Safer Patients to support your patient safety, clinical outcomes and productivity initiatives. This 5-page data sheet defines what clinicians need as the standard for a smarter solution: a communication platform that works the way they do.

From this data sheet, you will learn:

  • How to combat the common causes of communication failures
  • How clinical, operational and financial costs are impacted
  • How our mobile solution addresses these failures and explains how our customers have seen tangible results

If you would like to learn more about PatientTouch, check out this informative video.

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PatientTouch for the Clinician