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Adopting Cisco's FastLane for Clinical Comms (Aug 2017)

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page 2 Cisco Validated Design Introduction UndersTandIng FasT lane COmpOnenTs A few technology-based components need to be in place in order to implement Fastlane. This section examines each of these, starting at the Apple iOS mobile device and working towards the Healthcare Delivery Organization (HDO) datacenter. Apple iOS Mobile Device Fast lane is supported starting with release 10 of Apple iOS. Apple devices that support version 10 or higher support Fastlane. Advances in antenna design as well as Wi-Fi chip sets do favor the newer models of iPhones such as the iPhone 7, followed by the 6S and so on. In addition, the Apple SE (non-cellular) mobile device was included in the validation efforts that produced this design. Although not generally recommended for clinical environments, the device did provide support for Fast lane but exhibited a relatively low end user experience, primarily due to the factors outlined above. PatientTouch from PatientSafe Solutions A Unified Communications and Workflow Solution PatientTouch is the only clinical communications platform that unifies secure communication with workflow, consolidating multiple devices and siloed applications into one integrated solution. Unlike rip-and-replace, single- purpose solutions, PatientTouch integrates seamlessly with your current IT infrastructure, maximizing return on investment and decreasing cost by reducing device, application, and vendor management. Figure 1 PatientTouch unites communication and workflow in one app, on one device

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