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Adopting Cisco's FastLane for Clinical Comms (Aug 2017)

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page 12 Cisco Validated Design Introduction paTIenTsaFe sOlUTIOns—FasT lane PatientTouch Call Flow It is important to understand the data communication flows that comprise the complete Clinical Communication solution. Not all of the flows may be Fast lane enabled, but those that ISV deemed critical may be enabled with the Fast lane capable markings. Figure 9, for example, shows the interaction between the PatientSafe server and iPhone handsets when placing or receiving a voice call with the PatientTouch application Figure 10 PatientTouch call flow diagram 7088F iPhone iPhone RTP (EF) (Voice Stream) SIP (Best Effort) SIP (Best Effort) PatientTouch SQL Server VMWareESXi TCP 1443 UCS-B In most deployment scenarios, call control requests are forwarded to the PatientTouch server using standard SIP signaling. In a normal SIP call setup, the calling party sends a SIP Invite to the call control stating the directory number to which it wishes to connect. The call control then issues an invite to the handset with the registered destination directory number. Table 1 PatientSafe Solutions—PatientTouch voice QoS recommendations IP protocol Apple NSURLsession classification Recommended DSCP QoS marking Resulting 802.11e Layer 2 marking SIP signaling TCP or UDP port 5060 NET_SERVICE_TYPE_SIG CS3 UP 5 RTP stream UDP NET_SERVICE_TYPE_VO EF UP 6 PatientSafe Solutions also support integration directly with Cisco CUCM. When integrating with CUCM directly, unless a Cisco COP file for PatientTouch is present in your implementation, each PatientTouch device appears to CUCM as a 3rd party SIP line side device. Alternatively, a turnkey SIP Trunk integration between a PatientTouch Voice appliance and CUCM is available and provides equivalent and proven call and service quality without having to manage PatientTouch devices within CUCM. For the Fast lane testing, other than codec selection, the use of one call control over another has no bearing. PatientSafe Solutions' highly versatile audio codec selection scales from low bitrate narrowband speech to high fidelity stereo music, providing unmatched interactive speech quality.

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