Virtual Team-Based Care to Support Nurses

July 23, 2020 Kathleen Harmon

Nurses on video consult

New Clinical Use Cases

Nurses on video consult

Recently, we released new video capability as part of our comprehensive PatientTouch platform. This new capability is our rapid response to COVID, supporting a strategic, enterprise-wide approach to virtual team-based care. Beyond the initial COVID use cases for capacity management, workflow optimization, and handoff management we are responding to additional emerging use cases to continue our support of nurses at the bedside. In previous blogs, we have shared our Outcomes-First deployment framework and methodology, which relies on clinical use case development to guide implementation, training, and adoption strategies. Leading with the use cases that enable desired outcomes ensures technology supports clinical workflow, and training is focused on workflows and outcomes, rather than on features and functionality.

Closely partnering with our healthcare community, we hear the need for additional virtual care use cases. We met with a nursing focus group recently to understand how video collaboration can better support them. One night shift nurse shared that experienced nursing expertise and educational support for nurses working the night shift is much less than on the day shift. COVID has made the situation even more evident. Often, the most novice nurses are working off-shifts. The ability to video conference with a more senior nurse while in an isolation room caring for a patient would be a game changer, both in limiting exposure and in feeling more comfortable seeking assistance and receiving it. “I often avoid asking someone else to enter a high-risk infection room with me, I don’t want unnecessarily expose my peers.” As our conversation continued, the group identified additional benefits in the following virtual team-based use cases:

  • Novice to senior nurse consultation
  • Wound Care or other specialty roles who are supporting more than one unit, more than one hospital
  • At-the-elbow education for new processes and technologies in which seeing the steps that need to be taken deepens education and mastery

PatientSafe is ready to work with your health system’s shared governance council, project, and focus groups to discover and document the virtual team-based care use cases that will further support bedside care delivery. Projects like these can support Magnet designation and other nursing-centric initiatives you have in progress or planned. We can support and work with you on baseline metrics, post implementation metrics, and key sustainability metrics to ensure change management is successful long term. We’re here for you as you continue the COVID fight and map a path to virtual team-based care.

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